Our Firm

Value Creation

Putney Capital Management is an asset management and advisory firm located in Central America and the Caribbean, with experience and success in raising capital, buyouts, recapitalizations, turnarounds and joint ventures.
We are a firm focused on value creation, enabling the companies we work with obtain higher levels of efficiency in their processes. In order to accomplish this, we rely on specialized human capital that allows us to achieve those improved results.


  • Value creation for the companies and communities we work with.
  • Advice and experience in raising and investing capital.
  • Passion for operative challenges, and unwavering effort and dedication of the talent we work with.
  • Experience in major capital management and success in the results of the operations of our clients.


We believe in transparency, effort and teamwork (provided by our specialized human resources) as the core values of our firm.

We set ourselves to high standards and encourage an entrepreneurial mindset to push us towards new challenges, which in turn leads us to success and value creation, giving a sense of security to our stakeholders.
Create value in the companies we manage, elevating efficiency in all of their processes, and becoming actively involved in their operative management.